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Migration to the cloud: the three pillars of success

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Companies are choosing to migrate to the cloud to meet their business needs. And above all to avoid falling behind in a constantly changing digital world. Company reputation, customer confidence... There are many issues at stake!

Yes, the cloud offers many advantages: flexibility, scalability, cost effectiveness and control. It is becoming the norm, but it is still daunting. Preparing a plan for successful migration is crucial.

That's why I'm presenting today the 3 pillars of a successful migration to the cloud: budget, needs and market.


To begin with, it is important to define precisely the budget allocated to this operation. If only to compare current costs with future costs. By costs, I mean of course the service costs, from maintenance to repairs to upgrading.

Although 65% of companies consider migration to the cloud to be a top priority (Next Pathway, 2021), they are still considering outsourcing services due to a lack of in-house expertise. This is a possibility to take into account when determining your overall budget.


After budgeting, design.

Should all the data, accumulated over the years, be kept and migrated? Or is it time to sort it out?

Take a step back from your practices and their evolution with data migration to the cloud. Less paperwork, more digital centralisation.

Granted, we don't know where to start. The solution? A migration assessment to understand everything that can be done: customisation, functionality, integration...

I know you're thinking, "Where do I start? I have the answer for you a little further on!


To choose your appropriate cloud solution, it is necessary to understand the market. Combining on-premises, private/public cloud and SaaS services...

What about enterprise applications? Should we transfer the existing or start with native cloud applications?

Choosing the right combination ensures consistency, speeds up time to market and reduces the threat of cybercrime.

As you can see, there are many possibilities! This is why Activops is accompanying you in this crucial transformation.


We offer you a free analysis audit of the existing system and support you with the new functionalities. And above all, our proof of concept: the blank migration.

Finally, you can rest easy about the security of your servers, provided by Microsoft. Full time!

The best thing is that we talk about it, right?

Just dropus a line and our team of experts will be happy to answer all your questions.



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